Paintings In Progress.

A look into the development of my paintings.

Portrait progress

Start of a new sunbather

A little further along. 

Lots of adjustments to make, but off to a nice start. 

Little better photo of this portrait in progress. 

More progress on this portrait 

This one will end up nice and smooth, roughing in the undertones. 

Time to get back into this one. 

Getting a little carried away with this one. 

Shaping up to be one of the best pieces in the series. 

Only the third day into this one. Love it when the paint flows easily. 

Off to a good start. 

Starting the last piece for my show in February 

Nearly finished with this one. 

Second attempt at this model. 

Really close to finishing on this portrait.

Starting to work on her freckles. 

Making this one happen fast. 

Two portraits at the same damn time. 

First look at the next one.

Building panels for the next round of private message paintings. Birch, meet maple.

Refining the realistic bits of this video glitch painting. 

Starting to work on the glitchier side of this painting.

Day two(ish), moving fast on this one. 

Putting the finishing touches on this one. Full post coming soon. 

Looking forward to getting back into a proper studio space where I don’t have to turn a corner to work on all three panels at once. 

Starting off the third panel.

Getting a little glitchier.

Vacation is over, back to the studio. The reference material for this triptych will include 6 still images, along with 2 video sources. I have a feeling this is going to get confusing.

By FAR the most elaborate under drawing I have ever bothered to do for a painting. Usually I just put a few basic guidelines to ensure Things don’t get too far out of proportion while I am painting. It’s hard to see but this one is gridded off and has two similar positions of the pose. Hopefully all this will come together to create the video glitch effect… We will see.

Going to put this panel aside for a while and get started on the first glitch panel.

Finally starting to get this piece headed in the direction I want. Looking forward to starting the glitchy paintings that will hang alongside this one.

I feel like you guys have really seen this painting go through some growing pains. Today, I just said screw it, and wasted the better part of the afternoon painting a nice little tata.

Every time I take any time away from painting, I feel like an old car trying to start back up on a cold morning. This painting is off to an especially slow start, but I’m pushing through.

Priming panels for the next one.

Update on this one. Loving the direction it is headed.

Totally weird composition at this point, but you can see where this one is headed.

Second Glitch Painting Progress

Doing a little more work on this portrait today. Still rough but, I am always amazed how fast the faces start being recognizable.

Getting Started on the Next Glitch Painting