Before I get into the painting, let me start out with a little business. It is my intention to update my blog more frequently. I have been getting more and more questions about what I am doing (which is great and very encouraging) so, I plan on posting more frequent updates on paintings in progress so it is easy for anyone who may be interested to see the paintings take shape. Hopefully I will also manage to write a little bit about how and why I am doing the paintings and maybe even a little about art in general.

With that said, I know not everyone cares to have their brains polluted with all this extra nonsense. Therefor, I will have two separate mailing list/RSS reader options:

The first will be the full blog including all the (possible) new posts, works in progress, ramblings, show announcements, updates on new works available and who knows what else. If you already signed up for the old blog rss feed or mailing list then you will start getting all the new posts automatically unless you want to change. I will probably update once or twice a week so, don’t expect me to flood your life.

The second option will be for those that ONLY want to get updates on shows, new complete pieces available and other announcements. This will be updated a lot less and will stick to the more important business. If you are currently subscribing to the blog and are not interested in pulling back the curtain to see the ugly truth about how paintings are born, go ahead and switch to this.

Here are links to both options for anyone interested:

Click here to subscribe to all blog posts with your RSS reader

Click here to get all blog posts sent to your Email


Click here to just receive updates about shows and announcements on your RSS reader.

Click here to get updates about shows and announcements sent to your email.

With that said, here is the latest progress on my portrait of Margaux.

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