People are always emailing me, asking about giclee prints of my large pieces. I’m just going to go ahead and say for the record, they will never exist.

I feel for people who can’t afford the expense, or space required for a large scale painting, but I want everything I put out to be a special, one of a kind, touched by human hands, piece of art. That leaves a couple options for people who want more affordable piece; reach out and ask me to make a small painting, or wait for the occasional screen print or wood block print.

For those of you that are into screen prints, I am about to give some away.

I just sent the last glitch painting to the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago for an exhibition called, “Freak Out.” The show opens Friday the 15th (that is tomorrow), with what will certainly be a big, fun, opening party. Additionally, the opening coincides with their monthly Third Fridays at the building, where all the galleries in the building host opening receptions, and artists open their studios for visitors. In other words, there will be a lot to see.

So here is the deal. The series I am currently working on is all about selfies (not really news for anyone reading this, I know). In the spirit of this series, I am asking anyone who wants a print to go find my piece in the show (which is in the main gallery on the second floor), take a selfie in front of the painting. If you do that, post it up on Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter (or whatever), and tag me in it so I can see it, I’ll send you a print. I am going to keep the image for the print under wraps for now, but since this game is all about selfies, it will be a screen printed interpretation of an image related to that part of this series.

Image shows my piece, hanging alongside Silvio Porzionato‘s. Silvio, by the way, also has a show up at Artspace 8.

Beyond this, the show will just be good. You can check out a little sneak peak in the Huffington Post.

Or, get more information, and download a digital copy of the show catalog at the Poets & Artists site.

One more time for anyone interested, here is what to do:

  • Go to the Zhou B Art Center.
    (you can go anytime during the next month while the show is up, but obviously opening night is recommended)
  • Find my painting in the second floor main gallery.
  • Take a selfie in front of the painting.
  • Post it up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, wherever.
  • Tag me so I can find it.
  • Email me the address where you want me to mail the print.

Freak Out opens this Friday (the 15th) and hangs through May 14th.

Changed directions a bit on this one, in any case, I think I will call it finished.

Overlaid with text written by the model.

Just realized that I left out an important piece of this puzzle. For those that are curious what she had to say:

an understanding of one’s worth …probably one of the more important of life’s feats. when the actions of others affect one negatively, it is more about understanding your own perspective and proceeding from there. when “they” say you can’t change anyone, they are stating the truth and this is the underlying meaning of the statement. as difficult as it may be to admit that oneself is at fault, it is ultimately the crucial first step in accepting the truth of a situation. the ball is in YOUR court. if someone is displaying aversive behavior that is affecting you, it is YOUR choice to remain or avoid the situation. therefore, it is your fault if it continues to break you down.

this perspective forces me to think more critically about the relationships i choose to maintain and those that seem to evaporate over time. as soon as someone begins to display a hidden agenda or makes a mistake that they are “sorry” about, the judgement call is is all on you. choosing to stay is taking a risk. and at this point there are certain aspects of my life that i cannot afford to take risks in.

of course there are many other factors. personal history is a favorite of mine, mostly because many relationships resemble those from the past. the weather is also a substantial influence. mostly i just remind myself that i am only in control of well….myself. and it all comes down to that pretty basic conclusion.

read more from her here