So, this is my 100th blog post on NickWardOnline. It has taken forever since I have only posted updates as new paintings develop or I manage to weasel my way into interesting events or shows but here we are at the big 100th post.

To celebrate I am going to make a new print to give away to anyone who reads my site, here or on Facebook notes.

So, it will be a multi-color hand pulled screen print but, the choice of image is yours.

  1. another print based on one of the make-up girls paintings.
  2. a print based on one of the sunbather girls.
  3. an entirely new print, a sneak peak into the next series.

Anyone who wants can leave a comment on my site or on Facebook, or email me with your vote for image choice.

After that, anyone who reads these posts that wants a print can just send me an email letting me know that they want a copy of the print. I will give everyone a few weeks or maybe a month to respond to make sure nobody gets left out, then I will make a run of prints. Then, I will send everyone a hand pulled limited edition screen print.

It has been a few weeks since I have posted any new art but, that is not because I have been slacking. I have been in the studio hermit style, never seeing the sun, working on these large paintings, cleaning up around the place and moving to a new space (with windows!).

Anyways, if anyone is out there listening here is my latest painting in progress. A portrait of one of my favorite girls, the beautiful (and infamous) Lisa. I have painted her so many times before but, for some reason the results are never what I had hoped for. She has such a unique face that has just been too much for me to wrap my head around when working on the previous portraits. With that in mind, I sat down, determined to concentrate hard and do her justice. It has, as always, been a struggle but, so far things are working out nicely.

It feels good to be at a point where every painting is better than the last and the paints are doing what I tell them… hopefully I can keep the momentum.

After spending all week locked up in the studio I have another new portrait to share. I am not sure if a small jpeg can do this latest painting justice. I am really starting to get accustomed to painting on the larger panels and this latest one benefitted from my increased comfort. The brush work is more loose and the paint is going on easier. I brought some focus back onto the color shifts and feel good about the results.

In any case, here it is, about halfway completed:

This portrait is nearly completed and, I am pretty happy with how it came out. She is such a unique looking girl so I really enjoy painting her (even if she does not always enjoy it). The composition is sort of weird but, I think it works here. Mirror’s eye view.

Next in line is a large painting based on the same image I used in the last panel of this series (love that eyeball stretch).

Making some good progress on this second large scale portrait. Looks a little freaky since I haven’t added any eyelashes yet.

Nearly finished with the large portrait of Nikki, here is the latest progress:

make-up portrait, Nikki, WIP

I also started another large scale make up portrait, based on the same image as my favorite panel in this painting:

make-up portrait, WIP

I have been in a bit of a painting slump lately, I just have not been able to work on anything for very long without losing focus so, I decided to start something new. So, another portrait of Nikki… a bit larger than normal. Here is a progress shot with another painting (more typical of the size I normally work) for scale.

Portrait of Nikki, oil painting in progress by Nick Ward

I have already put two good days of work into this painting and have barely even scratched the surface but, changing scale has renewed my inspiration to keep painting and I am pretty excited to see it finished.

Between too much turkey and Thanksgiving day card games, I made a little more progress on the latest in my series of make-up portraits.  As usual, forgive the crummy cell phone camera snapshot of this painting. I can never wait to share and a decent camera never seems to be at hand when I need it.

I have started two new Transformation (make up) Portraits. Here is a progress shot of the first two panels of one of them.  Check back soon too see this painting completed.

For those of you that did not make it out to The Distillery Gallery in South Boston to check out the People Places and Horses show, you can now take a virtual tour of the show on The Distillery Gallery’s Flickr page. Click on the photos below to see high resolution images on Flickr: