It has been a few weeks since I have posted any new art but, that is not because I have been slacking. I have been in the studio hermit style, never seeing the sun, working on these large paintings, cleaning up around the place and moving to a new space (with windows!).

Anyways, if anyone is out there listening here is my latest painting in progress. A portrait of one of my favorite girls, the beautiful (and infamous) Lisa. I have painted her so many times before but, for some reason the results are never what I had hoped for. She has such a unique face that has just been too much for me to wrap my head around when working on the previous portraits. With that in mind, I sat down, determined to concentrate hard and do her justice. It has, as always, been a struggle but, so far things are working out nicely.

It feels good to be at a point where every painting is better than the last and the paints are doing what I tell them… hopefully I can keep the momentum.

This portrait is nearly completed and, I am pretty happy with how it came out. She is such a unique looking girl so I really enjoy painting her (even if she does not always enjoy it). The composition is sort of weird but, I think it works here. Mirror’s eye view.

Next in line is a large painting based on the same image I used in the last panel of this series (love that eyeball stretch).