Here is a quick image of the first of the new set of mixed media pieces. I am planning on making 4 of these in various colors with slightly different treatments of the paint. Sending this first one over to Lot F Gallery for the show opening this Friday. Check it out.

I have the image all ready to burn to the screens for my next mixed media piece. It took quite a bit of time to get it just right so, I may make two of each color this time.

These screen print/paintings will share similar imagery as my next painting, I am hoping that offering some smaller, more inexpensive options will help fund even larger, better paintings. So my plan is to offer small prints or mixed media pieces that will also serve as studies for a larger painting. With that said, here is a peak at what I have started painting, based on this idea and some studio time with these models.

Next month I am participating in a show over at Lot F Gallery along with two of my favorite Lot F artists, Josh Falk and Sean Flood. I will be showing some of my large paintings along with the next set of mixed media pieces. As always, the art will be good, the people will be interesting and the beer will be free so, be sure to come by the opening.

Facebook members can join the event page here

Lot F Gallery presents THREE

Works by

  • Sean Flood
  • Nick Ward
  • Josh Falk

New works from three Boston artists. Each with strong and distinct styles. A number of large substantial works will be available, as well as a range of other pieces.

Refreshments will be provided

For more information and pre-sale appointments email

I have done a bunch of work on this piece since the last time I posted it. Still searching for a fitting title for this piece and I will need to refine the dark areas a bit more before it starts to look really good but, it is shaping up to be one of my best pieces yet (do I always say that?).

Here is a closer look at all the colors and details that are making up the skin tones and textures, you can see the areas that are more finished, and the areas that still need to be mellowed out with the final skin tones:

Really tried to pack as much as possible into the flesh (as usual) without going overboard. With this one nearing completion, I have set it aside temporarily to start a new diptych which will include a male face (finally). I had the models over to the studio for the first time a couple of weeks ago and the two panels are off too a good start. Should have the first preview of the progress on that piece posted later this week. I also have another screen print/oil paint, mixed media piece based on the same imagery in the works that should be ready in February. So, if you liked the last batch, start saving your pennies now because it will be another limited run, this time of 4 different colors/editions (CMYK).

I just finished three new small-ish mixed media pieces.  I started out by sketching out a simple line drawing of the portrait, then scanned it in and used the sketch to create a halftone pattern for screen printing.  Then, printed the image on primed panels and went back into the image using my normal methods of painting.  Mixing the mechanical looking screen prints with some pixelated looking painting seemed like a good combination and, overall I am pretty happy with the results.  I am thinking about pushing this technique further by using more layers in the screen print but I need to mull the ideas over a little more before I make the leap.  In any case, would love to get some feedback on these pieces and, if you like them, head on over to Lot F where all three (one printed in red, one printed in blue, and one printed in black) are available for sale this month.

By the way, excuse the junky cell phone photo, sent the pieces out without getting a decent image… oops.