I recently sat down to talk with Carina Wine of Abstraks Magazine. After reading her profile of Adam O’day I knew I would be in good hands and the article did not disappoint. So head to abstraks.com or, click on the image below to go straight to issuu.com and read the feature (along with a great look at the Distillery Gallery) in the December 2011 issue of Abstraks.

If you want to read more, check out past interviews with Poets And Artists Magazine and with my friends from Papercut Fashion Magazine.

Nearly finished with the large portrait of Nikki, here is the latest progress:

make-up portrait, Nikki, WIP

I also started another large scale make up portrait, based on the same image as my favorite panel in this painting:

make-up portrait, WIP

I have been in a bit of a painting slump lately, I just have not been able to work on anything for very long without losing focus so, I decided to start something new. So, another portrait of Nikki… a bit larger than normal. Here is a progress shot with another painting (more typical of the size I normally work) for scale.

Portrait of Nikki, oil painting in progress by Nick Ward

I have already put two good days of work into this painting and have barely even scratched the surface but, changing scale has renewed my inspiration to keep painting and I am pretty excited to see it finished.

I posted a while back about some prints that I was in the process of making and I have finally managed to finish them. So, like I said before, it is an edition of 20 prints. Each one is a hand pulled screen print that I then go back into and add finishing touches with brushes and ink. They are all slightly different, some are very basic and some have more embellishments on top of the original print. First 4 will be $10, second 4 will be $20 third 4 will be $40 and the price will continue to double like that until there are no prints left.

Ready or Not, Screen Print by Nick Ward
Ready or Not, Screen Print by Nick Ward

Painting is hard. I have not worked on any paintings since June. That is not to say I have not been working, I have been preparing the artwork for some prints and working on design jobs but, I have not so much as touched a paint brush. After nearly two months away, I can say for certain… painting is hard. For the last two weeks I have been terrified to jump back into the paintings I left unfinished, procrastinating for fear of screwing up what was already established on the canvas. Today was the day to put that behind me and make the leap. Every stroke fought me and I spent nearly as much time wiping mistakes off the canvas as I did putting paint on. Anyways, after a (stressful) day of painting, progress was made so, I guess that is all what counts in the end. More progress on Nikki’s transformation (finaly):

Transformation 4, work in progress, oil painting by Nick Ward

In an effort to not starve to death, I have made a new series of screen prints for a little internet sales experiment. The print, called “Ready or Not, Here I Come”, will be four 8″ hand pulled screen prints on 8.5″x11″ cardstock. I will print a limited edition of 20 sets of 4 prints. To add a little twist to this experiment, the first 4 sets of 4 prints will be $10.00, then the price will double to $20.00 for the second 4 sets of prints, then $40.00 for the third four sets of prints, ect. until all 20 sets of prints are sold. So, it will be cheap for anyone that acts fast but, will get pricier when fewer prints are available.

Click here for a larger preview image

Here I Come, screen print by Nick Ward Here I Come, screen print by Nick Ward
Here I Come, screen print by Nick Ward Here I Come, screen print by Nick Ward

Thanks to Nikki for posing for these images and, if you want more Nikki in your life, the paintings of her will be finished soon.

Here is a look at what I have gotten painted so far on the panel one of the fourth painting in this series.

Transformation 4 Work in Progress, oil painting by Nick Ward